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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 20, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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progress, but still caution the most difficult part is staill ahead. let's listen to dr. rhee. >> it's been a continued amazement to see how many people in the country and in the state and city really care about this event. what we're going to do with this press conference is i'm going to turn this over to michael lemole in just a minute or so, but then we're also going to have congresswoman giffords' husband, captain mark kelly, give a statement following dr. lemole's information, followed by a few minutes of questions and answers. congressman giffords still continues to do well. we're very pleased with her progression at this time period. every day, we still see improvement, so that's very enlightening for us, because improvement in the first couple of weeks after injury is very significant and is somewhat prognostic of how she's going to do in the future. we're still doing the usual routine, things with her that includes speech therapy as well as very aggressive physical therapy. and she continues to participate
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and cooperate in that and make improvements on a daily basis, so we're very happy. dr. lemole? >> sure. so as dr. rhee said, the congresswoman continues to do very well neurologically. you've heard everything out there like, for example, she is beginning to stand with assistance. she's scrolling through an ipad. these are all fantastic advancements forward. they do indicate higher cognitive function. but i do want to caution everyone that she has a long road ahead of her. and rehabilitation, very important. we've started that process here. we hope to continue that process at the next facility where she visits. from a neurosurgical point of view, we did do some minor procedures this week. don't want to go into great detail. one of them, for example, included revision of one of her wounds. but in a sense, much of this is housekeeping. it's really getting her to a position where she can graduate from this hospital. and on that, i'll pass it on to her husband.
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>> secret notes. good morning, everybody. the last 12 days have been extraordinarily difficult for myself, my family, but not only us. i think it's been very difficult for the city of tucson, southern arizona, and our country. i don't think we're ever going to fully understand the why and the how and, you know, the reason for what happened on the 8th of january. you know, it's a loss of innocent life, the injury of a dozen people. you know, the death of a 9-year-old girl. a federal judge, and the
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serious, traumatic injury to my wife, gabrielle. so we'll never fully understand that. you know,s emotionally, this has been a challenge for all of us. but what this has done is it's certainly shown me, and i think, not only our country, but the entire world what tucson is all about. you know, it showed them a different side of tucson, and i think all americans are very proud of what they've seen. and i know my wife, gabrielle, would be very proud of how this community's responded to this tragic situation. the memorials outside this hospital, in front of the safeway, in front of gabby's office has been really a testament to what this community is all about. the love and support that we've received is a bit overwhelming.
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it's actually a bit difficult to even keep up with. but we are very, very appreciative. and i want to apologize for all those folks that have done so much for us, that we haven't recognized yet. i know one of the first things gabby's going to want to do, as soon as she's able to, is start writing thank you notes. and i've already reminded her of that. i think, you know, has gabby moves into the next phase of her recovery, you know, she's going to need to be, continue to be strong and she will really appreciate the support of this community. you know, this is her home, this is the place she loves, the people she represents. we looked at a lot of places to move her to.
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we considered rehab facilities in new york, in arizona, in chicago, in new jersey, washington, d.c. and also in houston. one of the best rehab hospitals in the nation and one of the closest of the best is in the city of houston. and that's the tier memorial herman rehab hospital. so it took a while to decide where to send her. and there were many factors that went into that. some of those other places could certainly provide her excellent care and we did consider the them all. tirr memorial hermann has been one of the top-ranked rehab hospitals for the past 20 years. it's got an outstanding world class reputation. the doctors and nurses there are among the best at treating
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penetrating head injuries, like gabby has been dealing with. so i want my wife to get the best possible care, and i'm convinced that she can get that at memorial hermann. it's also one of the closest top-ranked places to tucson. but really is a critical factor in this decision is the fact that it's going to let me be there, by her side, as much as possible. every single day. and i don't know how long this whole process is going to take. but if i want to at some point, you know, address a situation with our children, who are teenage girls, going to school every day, and also be able to at some point consider the possibility of returning to work, it makes most sense that she is in memorial hermann in
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houston, texas. so i'm extremely hopeful that gabby's going to make a full recovery. i've told her that. she recognizes it. she's a strong person, a fighter. you know, she's a fighter like nobody else that i know. so i am extremely confident that she's going to be back here and back at work soon. i've been telling the hospital staff that they should expect to see her walking through these halls and into the icu within a couple of months. i'm sure of that. so she'll be back. one of the reasons she's going to be back is because of the excellent care she's received here from dr. peter rhee and michael lemole, the other trauma surgeons, the other neurosurgeons, the ophthalmology care, all the way up and down the chain here at umc, she has
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received nothing less than perfect care. and that's the reason she's in the situation she is in now, with the fact that within two weeks of this very serious injury is able to move on to the next phase. i also want to thank her nurses. the icu nurses who have attended to her around the clock. tracy callberrer, amanda burner, joshua coleman, abrina beckel, joshua and angelique taddeo have been by her side every step of the way. i also have very strong feelings for the support we've received from the pima county sheriff's department and the tucson police department. there have been volunteer tucson police officers in the icu around the clock since we arrived. you know, making sure everything goes as planned and that we don't have any other issues to
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deal with. the capitol hill police have been with her around the clock as well. i also particularly want to thank the ceo of umc, kevin burns, mayor bob walkup, the university of arizona president shelton, when i've known for years. i know each of them are deeply committed to this community. their kindness and generosity of them and their teams have been just phenomenal. but, really, the bottom line is, i want to thank the people of tucson, for their support that they provided for me, my wife's staff, our family over the last two weeks is, you know, really beyond what i would have expected, you know, of anybody. so we are deeply and gratefully thank -- you know, thankful for that.
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so i would like to take a couple of questions, if anybody has them. and i think p. is going to do that. but right here, right in the front. ma'am? >> could you talk a little bit about the logistics of moving her and whether that's likely tomorrow? >> yes, we're going to move her tomorrow. we're going through the planning process right now. how exactly we're going to do that. and -- so we're still in the, you know, first phases of putting that into place. but by the time we move her, we're going to have a good plan. right over here? >> mark, has she spoken yet? >> so, that's a good question. i -- i feel she's made some attempts. she has a trackostomy. i also feel that she, you know, intellectually, she knows that's there. she understands what that means. but, you know, she -- in my mind, she's made some attempts. >> does that concern you or is that normal -- >> you know, this whole thing concerns me, from the time i got the first call, you know, until
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the time that she, you know, physical she makes a full recovery. yeah, i've got -- certainly have a lot of concerns. yes? >> do you know yet who will be leading the team in houston in terms of her doctors there? >> the trauma doctor, dr. john holcombe, and the neurosurgeon, dr. brian hoe. >> can you talk a little bit more about what you mean, that you know that she knows that you're there, and you know she knows what's going on. >> she'll smile at me. she'll do some -- a couple things that she'll only do around me, like president me in the face. she used to do that before. you know, just very gently. i can can just look in her eyes and tell. she's well aware of who's around her. just, you know, just very aware of the situation. >> can you tell us exactly the
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moment you experienced when she was able to stand up and take a few steps on her own, can you confirm that she was able to look out the window? >> yeah, so, you know, i think standing and steps, what the general public or even myself would think that means, and what physical therapists, you know, what the clinical definition of those two things, i think they're a little bit different. so, you know, she can bear her own weight, which is a big step. i think, you know, just speaking for the doctors here, i think she's made a remarkable recovery at this point. >> last question? >> you mentioned [ inaudible ]? >> many every day. every time i interact with her.
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there's something quite inspiring. so, you know, it's just stuff like that that she does over and over again. i imagine the next step is here she'll be walking, talking, and in two months you'll see her walking through the front door of this building. thank you. >> thank you. >> and there we have it. we have captain mark kelly, along with doctors peter rhee and dr. michael lemole, who gave us a briefing this morning. dr. peter rhee telling us how pleased he is with the progression of the everyday improvements that he's seen in the patient there, of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. dr. lemole, who has been watching over her and her advancements neurologically, saying that that continues to improve. she can stand with assistance. she's been getting back to her ipad, apparently scrolling on her ipad.
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so rehab is going to be starting as soon as they get her into the facility in houston. which could be tomorrow. we heard from her husband, captain mark kelly, they're making plans for transportation. the hospital they're going to be going to is the tirr memorial hermann hospital, it's top class. she'll be getting the care she needs there and it also helps with her entire femaamily, beca captain kelly can be closer to her if he decides to go back to work and by her side as she continues to go through rehab. but he assured all of us that dr. congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be back, back to visit all of those that helped her, and back in tucson, in the city she loves so much. but it's interesting to hear that she had a tracheotomy and her husband is saying that she does make attempts to speak, but feels that she knows she can't really talk right now because of the medical situation she's in. but she will go ahead and smile at him and pat him on the face. and he said that's something that she used to commonly do
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before all of this. and that he can just look in her eyes and know that they are making that connection and she knows what's going on around her. it's great to hear the progress that's being made, once again, in less than 12 days now, we're hearing plans to move her on to this rehab facility in houston, where her husband is saying that she will make a full recovery, or that's what he wants for her, anyway. and he is thanking the people of tucson as well. one special fourth grader is one of those people that's getting special thanks. he gave a heartwarming donation. young philanthropist, isaac saldana heard about congresswoman giffords and said he wanted to help out in any little way that he could. so he took some of his toys to school and sold them. isaac joins us now to talk about this. isaac, good to have you with us, buddy. how did you get the idea to raise money for congresswoman giffords. where did that start? >> well, i started thinking about gabrielle giffords and her in the hospital, but then i just felt really sad, so i started grabbing some toys and taking them to school and selling them.
12:16 pm
>> isaac, tell us, what did you pick out of your toys? what did you sell? and did you tell your classmates why you were selling your toys? why you wanted to raise money? >> actually, i didn't really tell my classmates about it. i just started to selling some toys at school. and one of the things i sold were kind of some of the things that were really important to me. >> and the kind of things that are really important to you. so explain to all of us, what are those toys, then? what type of toys were your classmates buying from you? >> well, i sold some stuffed animals and, well, some books and some necklaces and bracelets. >> and how much were you able to raise? >> $2.85. >> and then you put that money into a card that you sent on to the congresswoman. what did you say in your card?
12:17 pm
>> actually, i don't really remember what i put in my card. >> you don't, okay. do you remember, though, how you learned about what happened to the congresswoman? who told you about what happened that day? >> well, that day we were all upstairs, and our mom was watching the news, and then we just saw what happened. >> and so did your mom have a talk with you to explain what had happened, especially to the people that went to visit the congresswoman? >> uh, yeah. >> yeah? now, when you talk to kids in your class at school, do you guys talk about what happened there at the supermarket? and if so, what do they say? >> yes. one day we went into class -- we heard about the incident on saturday, and then we went back to class and well, we just saw that our teacher was down, so we
12:18 pm
started saying the pledge of allegiance, and then we just took a moment of silence. >> a moment of silence. and isaac, do you hope to get to meet congresswoman giffords one day? have you heard from her or heard from her husband, thanking you? >> yes. i've heard from -- i've heard from her husband, mark kelly. he was thanking me on the news. >> and do you hope to get to meet the congresswoman one day? >> yes. >> and hopefully that's going to happen for you. isaac saldana, you're a great young man. thanks for doing what you did for the congresswoman, and i hope you didn't get in too much trouble in school. i heard they were a little bit mad at you when they heard you were selling toys, but when they heard the reason, they gave you a break, huh? >> yeah, i guess so. >> thumbs up to the principal and teachers at your school. isaac saldana, thanks again for coming on and talking to us. >> no problem. we want to get back to
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breaking news we had in the last hour in miami. reports that at least two police officers have been shot and killed. the nbc station there, wvsn, says the officers were part of a task force conducting an investigation when shots rang out. that was about 11:00 this morning local time. a miami police spokesperson says one officer has been killed. there are also reports that at least one suspect was shot by police and killed. three schools have been placed on lockdown now as a precaution. three schools in that area. of course, we're going to continue to follow the breaking story, bring you any new details as soon as we get them in, right here. stay with me. this is msnbc. [ female announcer ] experience dual-action power, with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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welcome back, everybody. fishermen faced rough surf during a risky docking in new zealand and it was all caught on camera. four commercial fishing boats got bounced like rubber balls in
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10-foot waves. churned up surf where the river meets the sea held them back. crew members say they decided to risk the crossing because they wanted to get home. the coast guard says they were lucky to make it through this one alive. usually plows are responsible for beating back the snow, but in this case, it looks like the snow won out. look at that! as you can see from this surveillance video, a plow crew was clearing the top deck of a parking garage when its entire rear end got devoured by a sinkhole. the driver wasn't hurt, but, gosh, you can imagine how shocked he must have been. all right. so a delta flight had a spark-filled landing in little rock, arkansas, last night. the jet's semi-fiery stop came minutes after the pilot reported a problem with the landing gear. despite this tense landing, no one was hurt and everyone got off just fine. a major crackdown on the mafia. how the fbi took down more than 100 suspected mobsters.
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plus, a possible breakthrough in the 2007 disappearance of madeleine mccann. time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. lori pennax had an aha moment when her friend lost her cell phone. they designed this zom. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:po on msnbc. when i grow up,
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hi, everybody. welcome back to msnbc. i'm thomas roberts. contessa has the day off. few americans played for unemployments benefits last week, down 37,000 to 404,000. fbi agents are investigating fruitful leads in that bombing attempt at a martin luther king jr. day parade. there are no suspects at this time. the nation's midsection getting hit bay snowstorm right now. and there are warnings and advisories from oklahoma all the way to indiana. the storm hits the east coast coming up next. and the two giant pandas at the national zoo, they're going to be staying for another five years. the zoo reached an agreement with china. so they're sticking around. all right. the fbi is calling it the biggest mafia roundup in its history. authorities arrested more than 100 suspected mobsters today in the northeast. and here's what attorney general
12:28 pm
eric holder just said about it a short time ago. take a listen. >> this is one of the largest single day operations against the mafia in the fbi's history, both in terms of the number of defendants arrested and charged and the scope of the criminal activity that is alleged. >> nbc justice correspondent, pete williams, is live in washington, d.c., and joins us now with more on this. so, pete, explain how they were able to narrow in and net all of these mobsters, alleged mobsters, at one time. >> well, we're talking here jack the mac, vinnie car wash, baby shark. these are some of the names that these folks are used as aliases. but the justice department says that these were serious charges against many of these individuals. over 110 people rounded up, mainly in the new york area, in new york, new jersey, and also in rhode island, simultaneous arrests. 800 federal agents and police making the arrests mostly at these people's homes, and most
12:29 pm
of them detained before 8:00 this morning. and thomas, they say they used the full arsenal of tools that the federal government has. extensive use of informants. wiretaps, all the tools that law enforcement has traditionally used against organized crime. now, the attorney general says that crimes here involve the usual gamut for organized crime for the mafia, gambling, loan sharking, infiltration in the construction business, corrupt union officials, protection rackets, narco trafficking. and he says that many of these cases or some of these cases involve murder, some of them dating back to the 1960s, some he called classic mob hits to eliminate rivals, but some of what he called truly senseless murders. a botched robbery, for example, or another murder that resulted from a bar fight over a spilled drink. so it is the largest roundup ever in mob history. now, the people are not all said
12:30 pm
to be involved in this same indictment or this same criminal enterprise. it is the five families in new york and two others in new england, but all of them in part of this big takedown, which they say emphasizes how important organized crime remains to the justice department. >> yeah, it's a really big swath that they were able to carve out with these arrests. pete, good to see you. pete williams in washington for us, thank you. >> you bet. >> president obama is getting a big bounce in the latest nbc/"wall street journal" approval poll. his approval rating now up to 53%. john harwood joins us now. john, what can we attribute this bounce to? >> reporter: a couple of things, thomas. first of all, the president had a successful lame-duck session after the republican victories in the midterm elections. that showed the president adjusting to the new political circumstance, going forwarding
12:31 pm
with not just fighting with the republicans, but making a deal on tax cuts. tax cuts themselves are popular. and then you've got the response to the tucson shootings in which the president's message was one of unity and pulling together. and all of that, our pollsters said had the effect of showing the president both being confident and empathetic. those two things combined to give him a bounce. we'll see how long it lasts, but for right now, it's put him in much stronger instead than we could have expected. >> they're saying 74% approving with 11% disapprove. let's go on to what americans are feeling about the economy and hoping it's going to get better over the next year. because this was pretty interesting, to see where people are fairing when it comes to talking about their wallets. >> reporter: well, you do see rising confidence in the economy. the number of people who expect the economy to get worse over the next 12 months has diminished. the number of people who think it's going to get better is rising. that's good for the president. but we still see in this poll that for a and away the top
12:32 pm
priority is jobs and rising -- raising the level of employment in this country. so that's the pitfall for the president. as long as unemployment stays above 9%, if it doesn't come down soon, that increases the risk that this bounce that the president's experiencing is not going to last. he needs some forward movement on jobs, and that's one of the reasons why he is pushing the chinese so hard at this summit that's happened in the last two days. i'm standing at a hotel in washington where hu gjintao, th chinese leader is talking to american business people about trying to increase china's purchase of u.s. goods. all of that could be potentially good news for the president if they can get some follow-through. >> interesting, though, when you talk about jobs, that's what most americans want to hear, the when the president and goes to speak to the country with the state of the union that's impending later this month. >> reporter: yes. that's going to be an agenda-setting moment for the president, to try to say, okay, congress, here are the steps that we're going to take. here are the steps that we have
12:33 pm
taken to try to get this economy moving more rapidly. and that's one of the things that was advantageous for the president about that deal with republicans. not only extending the bush tax cuts for another two years, but adding that payroll tax cut, some more business tax cuts, which is probably as much stimulus as this president is going to get. he can talk about that and try to keep the positive signs going in that state of the union message. >> john harwood in d.c. for us. john, as always, thank you, sir. appreciate it. today republicans are getting started on tackling their next big agenda item, federal spending. right now they're unveiling their spending reduction act, which calls for massive budget cuts immediately and over the next decade. the plan calls for $2.5 trillion until cuts. favored gop targets like public broadcasting are on the chopping block, along with dropping the $1.5 billion amtrak subsidy with high-speed rail grants and other nondefense related discretionary spending. today, house and senate leaders are marking the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of john f. kennedy.
12:34 pm
kennedy's daughter, caroline, along with other family members, are on the hill for the ceremony. vice president joe biden also paid tribute to the slain president. president obama will attend an anniversary celebration at the kennedy center coming up tonight. and also, breaking news to follow out of miami. reports that at least two police officers have been shot, one killed, according to the u.s. marshals. the suspect was being served a warrant and was a possible homicide suspect. now, a miami police spokesperson says that one of the officers had died. there are also reports that at least one suspect was shotted and killed by the police on site there. three schools have been placed on lockdown as a precaution. we're back with more after this. the same water that flows freely, untouched, the way nature intended, would flow into our homes. that's why there's brita, to make the water we drink, taste a little more, perfect. reduce lead and other impurities
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to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. motrin pm. today republicans get started on the replacement part of their two-pronged plan to bring down president obama's health care reform law. they took care of the repeal part last night by a mostly partline vote of 245 to 189. the vote followed hours of passionate debate. democrats taking on the insurance industry.
12:38 pm
>> many on the other side of the aisle said this is a bureaucratic system. has anybody, any family in america, any single mother, any spouse, any child, any grandparent met a more bureaucratic system than the american health insurance system? there is no more bureaucratic system. >> while republicans said the repeal is all about fulfilling a promise and a whole lot more. >> this is what we said we would do. we listened to the people, we made a commitment to them, a pledge to make their priorities our priorities. >> gop lawmakers say their replacement bill will keep popular components like coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, but it's unclear when a new bill is going to be ready, since there's no deadline for house committees to present their proposals. i'm joined now by agriculture secretary, tom vilsack, who is also the former governor of iowa. sir, good to have you with us.
12:39 pm
republicans say they're keeping a promise stroerts to get rid of this bill. i want to show you, though, our nbc news "wall street journal" poll. it shows voters seem to be pretty split right down the middle when it comes to this issue. those who oppose the repeal at 46% and those who favor a repeal at 45%. when we talk in direction of the appeal by the house, is this just an effort in futilitfutili? >> i'm not sure, but it sends the wrong message to rural marker, which is the part of america i'm most concerned about. rural america spends 39% of its health care costs out of pocket. the law basically caps out-of-pocket pen out-of-pocket americans. also of senior citizens lives in rural america. and a lot of businesses and farms are very interested in the tax credit provisions to make it a little bit easier for them to afford premiums. that too would be gone if the reveal effort was successful. >> secretary vilsack, republicans say that they're focusing on this "replace" part.
12:40 pm
now, president obama did say that he's willing to work with people from any side of the aisle, whichever ideas come back. so if they've got a good plan, he wants to hear it. and you wrote an op-ed that appeared in national newspapers this weekend that really laid out some of the benefits of the bill. and we're seeing some of the points, we're going to show them to everybody on the screen. is there room for improvement in this law? >> i think it's fair to say that every law is always subject to improvement. i don't think we ever reach perfection. you know, one area, for example, that we know is a problem is the reporting requirements of the 1099 form that small businesses have to fill out. the president's been very clear that needs to be addressed and needs to be corrected. so there are obviously ways in which we can make this law better. but at the end of the day, seniors want that protection of lower prescription drug costs. farmers want the tax credit, and folks who have children with pre-existing conditions want to make sure they can get insurance for their children. >> sir, if you think that the bill needs to be tightened up, would you say that, then, it needs to be repealed and then
12:41 pm
replaced? >> again, i think that sends a very inconsistent and uncertain message. when you essentially repeal this law, you're also adding to the budget deficit. here we are talking about significant reductions in some of our investments in government in order to get the deficit under control. at the same time, we're talking about adding another $230 billion to the deficit. it doesn't seem to be quite right. it doesn't make sense. i think we would be better off keeping the law, keeping the programs that are obviously supported by the public, and figuring out if there are ways in which we can make it easier to implement. >> secretary tom vilsack, thanks for coming on today. i appreciate your time. so how a kidnapped child actually found her biological family 23 years later. and students have always been graded for their schoolwork, right? you know, report cards. but should parent bs graded for homework? one lawmaker thinks so. we'll find out what the pta thinks about it after this.
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welcome back, everybody. after days of relative calm, fresh violence has erupted in iraq. two car bombs exploded in the holy shrine city of karbala earlier this morning. at least 51 people are dead. over 150 others injured. most of them shiite pilgrims headed to yearly religious celebrations. iraqi officials believe al qaeda insurgents are using these attacks to test the country's security forces, which will take over after u.s. troops withdraw from the region later this year. a struggle to provide relief to flood and mud slide victims in brazil is now topping our world view. the country's military says it's having trouble getting food and water to the country's most flood and mud slide-damaged areas. now, this disaster killed 700 people and it left hundreds of others homeless. despite pressure to leave haiti, ex-dictator jean-claude "baby doc" duvalier remains holed up in a hotel and says he's not going anywhere. he's accused of crimes against
12:46 pm
humanity by at least four vims of his brutal regime, which was over throwed in 1986. police in dubai are investigating an alleged sighting of missing british girl, madeleine mccann. a british man reported seeing her. madeleine was last seen in 2007 when she vanished from her parent's apartment while they were on vacation in portugal. police in new york are calling it an absolute miracle. a newborn taken from a new york city hospital in 1987 has just been reunited with her family more than 23 years later. wnbc's tom llamas has this incredible story. >> reporter: 23 years ago, the unthinkable happened to new mom joy white. >> i want my baby back! she didn't have to do that to me! i had her. i carried her for nine months. they didn't have to take her from me. >> reporter: joy's daughter, car lina white, was three weeks old. a baby with a high fever who
12:47 pm
needed intravenous antibiotics. joy took her to harlem hospital and that's where police say carlina was kidnapped by a woman posing as a nurse. >> the woman is some type of a hanger-on of the hospital. i could not characterize her as being mentally deranged. i would like the lady to bring the child back or whoever has the child, bring her back. >> reporter: that never happened, and for more than two decades, the whites would never see or hear from their little girl. >> she was broken. she was broken for so long. >> reporter: just when the case couldn't get any colder, last month atlanta resident 23-year-old needra nance reportedly learned the woman who raised her wasn't her biological mother. >> around christmas, we received a phone call through our 24-hour hotline from this young woman, who indicated that she was suspicious about her past. she had questions about who she really was. >> reporter: the center for missing and exploited children check third database and the
12:48 pm
nypd opened up their cold case files. >> she sees a photo of kalina white and says, wow, that looks like me. she takes her own baby photo that she has possession of and she says, we look like the same person. >> reporter: nance reached out to joy white and agreed to meet. this week dna evidence confirmed what the family already knew. >> she looked just like my sister. >> this is joy! >> mother and daughter reunited. >> this is a one in a million call. and i think it's important that people recognize this girl is the hero. she's the one whose intelligence and tenacity resulted in her own recovery and reuniting her with her family. >> but beneath the joy, anger 23 years in the making. >> reporter: what would you tell that woman who kidnapped her? >> go to hell. you will get your day. you will get your day. >> and that was wnbc's tom llamas reporting for us.
12:49 pm
carlina may have lived with different families when she was a baby and police are now searching for that woman who originally kidnapped her from the hospital back in 1987. police are also talking to retired detectives who first worked on that case. all right. we're going to go back to the breaking news out of miami, where we are getting more confirmation about what's on the scene there. one officer has been shot and killed. another was shot, reportedly now in surgery. possibly on the scene -- excuse me, two dead on the scene. let's go over this and break it down for you. the two dead on the scene, two is the police officer, one is the suspect. two other people were shot, one being a police officer who was in surgery. the other person being the second suspect, who has been taken into custody. again, four people in total have been shot there in miami. one dead is the police officer, another dead is the suspect. one police officer is now in surgery and one other suspect is in custody. this is coming now from the miami-dade mayor, who was giving these latest updates for us.
12:50 pm
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welcome back, everybody. so for those of you with kids, real quick, grade yourself as parent. get an "a," maybe a "b" minus? one florida lawmaker seems to think some mom and dads might deserve the "f." she's proposing legislation to let lawmakers rate parents based on their kids' educational performance and it's already causing some controversial. here to talk about this is mindy gold, the legislative chair of the florida parent teacher association. good to have you with us. so how the heck did this even come back. why does this lawmaker there think that this is really necessary? >> i think we all know that it will take all of us to help improve our schools. our schools are in crisis and we want to improve the educational system. and we happen to agree in pta that we should hold many
12:54 pm
accountable, including parents. >> but you think that this is the way to go about it, by starting to grade them? so the parents will actually get a grade on the report card that's being issued by the teacher and then parents will get this quarterly, correct? >> well, in this case, this is where we disagree. pta is the oldest and largest child advocacy group in the nation. for 113 years, we've been talking about plenl involvement and increasing parental involvement in our children's education. what we're concerned about with this bill is the grading of the parent and the message that it's going to send the child. >> all right. so what do you think -- what do you fear the message is going to send? because if a parent gets a low grade, do you think that's going to send a message to the kid that their parents don't care about them? >> well, our concerns are that, clearly as stated in the bill, that in the perfect world, all children would be physically ready for school. and it would be the parent's
12:55 pm
responsibility that a child receives a good night's sleep and they come to school with a full belly and they're immunized and they have a backpack full of supplies. but that's in the perfect world. and the reality is that our parents today are holding down two and three jobs and they're doing the best that they can. the parents want the best for their children. i think it will be very difficult to put a grade on what they're able to do. >> mindy, is that the criteria, though, whether or not they come to school with a lunch or wether or not they've got their backpack with their number two pencils in it, or is this more about knowing that the kids are actually having their homework overseen by parents. parents are seeing an active role in participation and taking parent/teacher meetings? >> i would have to say both. because in reading the bill, this was actually mentioned, what i mentioned previously. >> all right. so when we talk about this law, what's it saying about the debate in your area right now? how are people reacting to this, and do you think it's going to really pass? >> well, you know, to be honest with you, we grade so much.
12:56 pm
we put so much emphasis on the grade here. we grade our schools by one standardized test, or high stakes test, i should say. and i worry about our children walking into a school that might not have a grade that's something that they'd like to see. our schools need to be the place where our children walk in every day, and they feel good about where they are. and i think the grade is putting too much emphasis in a negative way. now if we start grading our parents, what is this saying to our children? we need to encourage the relationship between child and parent. and not put something like a grade in its place. we definitely support parental involvement, accountability, but we are just really against the grade. >> all right, mindy, we appreciate your time and best of luck as this law continues to go down through the process there. thank you. that's going to wrap up this hour for me. i'm thomas robert sitting in for contessa. i'll see you back at 3:00 p.m.
12:57 pm
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